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What is a proxy?

A proxy server is a middleman that sits between a user's device and the server that holds the information the user wants to access. When a user wants to connect to another computer, the request is routed through the proxy server instead of connecting directly. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing security, improving performance, or accessing content that may be restricted in certain regions.

Anonymity levels

Proxies can be classified into the following 3 levels of anonymity

Elite Proxies (Level 1)

Elite proxies, also known as high anonymity proxies, offer the highest level of anonymity. When you connect to a server using this type of proxy, it will not receive any information about your actual IP address. These proxies are useful for protecting your privacy online and keeping your identity hidden.

Anonymous Proxies (Level 2)

Anonymous proxies, also known as distorting proxies, offer a level of anonymity that is sufficient for many purposes. These proxies hide your IP address from the server you are connecting to, similar to level 1 proxies. However, the server will be able to identify that a proxy is being used, as a level 2 proxy sends through certain identifying information, such as the Via header, which is not included by level 1 proxies. These proxies can be useful in situations where a higher level of anonymity is not required, but some degree of anonymity is desired.

Transparent Proxies (Level 3)

Transparent proxies do not offer anonymity because they do not hide your IP address from the server you are connecting to. Your IP address is included in the request, making it easy for the server to identify that a proxy is being used and to see your actual IP address. These proxies are not usually used for anonymity, but they have other purposes.